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Registered Architect



NCARB Certified 





16+ years of experience in architecture, planning, energy efficiency, and construction. 

Design and construction management spanning new construction, renovation, restoration, adaptive re-use, and energy efficiency upgrades in residential, institutional, municipal and commercial projects. Concept, site, and master planning.


Master of Architecture, Summa Cum Laude, 2003

Bachelor of Architecture, Summa Cum Laude, 2002

Savannah College of Art & Design


Uphams’ Corner Health Center - Dorchester, MA  

Moebius Architecture (MA) is working closely with management and staff to outline strategic space planning changes for an existing 40,000SF community health center. Relocating key program areas, including provider offices, PA, and nurse’s stations, check-in, and check-out functions will optimize workflow for staff and improve support for patients. Renovations of the lobby for a centralized check-in will save time and alleviate staffing needs. An expansion of the pharmacy will reduce wait times and free up circulation in corridors. 


Cowboy Bear Ninja Production Offices - New York, NY

Design and layout for a dynamic production company’s 1,500SF interior offices. CBN creates television, movies, and commercials. Their new offices were structured to provide a variety of open collaborative spaces, semi-private workspaces, as well as sound-proofed edit booths so that their team can tackle multiple projects at one time. A centralized lounge area with generous interior plants creates a welcoming and comfortable break and casual meeting space. 


Office Design for Hybrid Research Group - Brooklyn, NY (with Konstruktive Studios)

Office fit-out designed to provide open workspace, flex-space, storage opportunities and meeting spaces for a dynamic Think-Tank in downtown Brooklyn. Natural materials including douglas fir, native to the founder’s home region, were integrated to create an organic feel. Custom storage, seating, and tables were designed to work with the client’s working needs. A plethora of interior plants was integrated throughout in order to add color, texture, and life.


Loft Renovations in Historic Mill Buildings - Brooklyn, NY (with Konstruktive Studios)

Located on the waterfront in the Dumbo neighborhood in Brooklyn, renovations of a historic industrial building are transforming rough studio spaces into code-compliant apartments. Two open studios in the building were transformed into two-bedroom apartments. Each unit was designed to be unique and fitting to their owner’s lifestyles. In order to preserve the open feel and maintain the stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, movable panels fabricated out of steel and glass create privacy for the bedrooms in one of the units. 


Modern Timber Home - Barrington, NH

Oriented with southern exposure and configured to house solar panel arrays to strive towards net-zero energy usage, this home is perched on a hill overlooking a lake. Insulation values of this home’s envelope were maximized, careful attention was paid to insulation, air tightness, and efficient mechanical systems. Per request of the Yoga teacher client, the house is oriented and proportioned per Vastu Shastra principles, the Indian version of Feng Shui.  


Arts & Crafts Cottage on Mirror Lake - Tuftonboro, NH

This cottage was designed to accommodate the client’s wishes for a traditional Arts & Crafts style cottage overlooking Mirror Lake. Designs included a boat storage barn, garden shed, RV barn, and tractor shed. 


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