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Net-Zero Home designed with the principles of Vastu Shastra. 


This home is perched on a hillside overlooking a lake and vegetable gardens in New Hampshire. Insulation values of the envelope are maximized, careful attention is paid to insulation, airtightness, and efficient mechanical systems, while the roof is configured to allow for solar panel arrays in order to strive towards net-zero energy usage.  


Per the request of the Yoga teacher client, the house is oriented and proportioned per Vastu Shastra principles, which is the Indian version of Feng Shui. It is deeply rooted in the ancient Vedas, with strict guidelines for layouts, geometries, proportions, flow, and location of structural and mechanical elements. During the design process, Vastu requirements were overlaid with site, views, topography, circulation, as well as energy and environmental factors.

Photography:  Lori Cannava Photography

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